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Todays winning business leaders have accurate, realtime access to all their business information when they need it. Others still depend on inaccurate, outdated data.


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  AsOneSystem -- the ERP Platform for the Cloud
  • Bullet-proof reliability
  • Fully internationalised
  • Ready for business
  •   What sets AsOneSystem apart from traditional ERP applications is that is engineered from the inside for the Cloud. Designed for international businesses who need the advantage of control, accounting transparency, and the on-demand flexibility and affordability of an elaborate, truly cloud-based robust platform on which to run their business better.
      AsOneSystem is different because it is transaction-based for extreme levels of business accountability and robustness. Its platform design is easy to personalise and extend, with full multi-currency and multi-lingual capability built-in. It is economical with system and network usage so Cloud hosting costs are minimized. AsOne is scalable from the smallest retail shop selling surf boards in the Summer to the large 24 x 7 corporate machine, with military-grade security and reliability. Try it today.
      Your business can be improved by, inter alia, increasing your sales and efficiency and by reducing capital employed. Become more efficient in all these areas by accessing your business on tradingsite from anywhere at any time.
      Your products and services are easily listed on your own website and in social media as well as in this product portal to improve your exposure. Enable your potential customers to purchase from you when it is convenient for them to do so. You may also be able to find new items to sell in your area, to increase your sales even further.
      AsOne provides easily-accessible total business solutions to efficiently support and facilitate your business growth on the internet in record time.
      We offer new generation multi-lingual collaborative Business Solutions, designed to support the way your business operates.
      We bring your business and IT together while we continue to improve and optimise your business processes.
      This makes it possible to integrate all your functionality and data into one seamlessly integrated system.



    Small Business

    Retailer / Wholesaler


      List 5 items for free. Renew the listing when the item has been sold or after one month.
      Receive orders or enquiries by email
      Include your items on your own website
      Include your items in Social Media
      List all your items for retail  
      Receive online orders  
      Setup your own online payment methods  
      Source items from online suppliers  
      Include your items on your own website with online shopping trolley  
      List your items for wholesale to the other tradingsite businesses    
      Capture product descriptions in multiple languages    
      Define customer specific pricing    
      Enable your customers to view their accounts online    
      Enable your suppliers to promote their products to you online    
      Enable your professional service providers to assist you in your business online.    
      Digitise any and all business processes, regardless of industry in an agile, secure high performance environment      


    Free account

    Small Business

    Retailer / Wholesaler


      This is for individuals or small businesses that want to sell their products to an online market.
    Ideal for selling your unique items.
    This is for small businesses that want to sell their products to an online market, without the requirement to give regular customers specific pricing. This is for businesses that want to sell their products to an online market, and have regular customers that receive specific pricing. Included is the ability to define the products in other languages for a global market.
    Option to include integrated accounting.
    Full cloud ERP for the internet economy. For any industry and any type of organisation that needs online functionality, or to digitise some of their processes.
    On demand functionality
    Add additional industrial strength integrated functionality as and when your business requires it. Utilise advanced functionality otherwise beyond your reach. Exponentially accelerated Time to value by using existing functionality.

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      Cost : Free
    Setup cost : free (self)
    Cost : R500 / £50 pm
    Setup cost : R500 / £50
    Cost : R1500 / £120 pm
    Setup cost : R1000 / £100
    Cost :
    according to requirement
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